Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week 2017

Day 5 Competitor Update

Good morning everyone and welcome to day five of Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week.

Before we go any further I would just like to say a huge great big thank you to the White Family, Regatta Chairman Dave Gibbbons and every single member who pulled together to make last night’s Big Wednesday Party happen despite the torrential rain.

We’d always worried about what would happen if it rained on Big Wednesday and the possibility of having to cancel was looming large as we’d no idea how to cram 400 people into the clubhouse to eat and dance. But BSC isn’t a club to be beaten by a drop or rain so extra marquees were found, tables and chairs were set up in the cadet room and upstairs lounge, the BBQs were put under a gazebo, the band set up inside and we all packed into the club for what was without doubt one of the best Big Wednesday celebrations ever. As Dave Charlton pointed out – we’re pretty sure we broke the club record for the number of people on the dance floor wearing wellies!

And now to look ahead. Here’s our Thursday round up of what’s ahead.


We’re back to series racing today and we’ve already got a nice breeze and the rain is on its way at last. Some additional changes to the sailing instructions have been posted so please check these out before you go afloat.


Thank you so much to everyone who has already stepped up and done or put their name down for a duty. There are just a couple of slots to fill so if you haven’t done something yet please volunteer.


The rain is on its way, the sun will be back tomorrow and we should have a decent sailing breeze from the north going north east today. That northerly breeze means it will be cooler to make sure you go for layers and keep warm.


Don’t forget that we have Laser Curry night tonight starting at 6.30pm

Friday is family day sponsored by Brightlingsea Boat Park & Ride when we’ll have live magic through the afternoon followed by Burgers & Hot Dogs on the beach from 6pm (thank goodness the sun is on its way that day!) and then we’ll have music by the fabulous Leah Sanchez.

We are going to see the week out in style on Saturday with the Prize Giving at 7pm followed by the always brilliant Steve Linton Band to give our dancing pumps one final work out. As usual the galley will be serving jacket potatoes from 6pm.

And of course our amazing galley gang and bar team will be looking after your food and drink needs throughout the week as always.


We don’t have a day sponsor today so I would just like to take this opportunity to thank our generous supporting sponsors Little Green Storage and CRC and our official suppliers The Press Gang and Curtis Signs. You will find links to all our sponsors from www.pyefleetweek.com so do go and visit their websites and find out a little bit about them.


Have a great day everyone.